Passenger and GSA Service

Our Extensive Experience

CitiAir has extensive experience which counts over a decade in representing Airlines as the passenger and cargo GSA. The team of experienced and dedicated aviation professionals will support Airlines in their Sales, Marketing, Promotion, Finance and Legal functions and much more.

Passenger experts at CitiAir will ensure the optimum utilisation of inventory balancing yields while Cargo experts at CitiAir will ensure optimum utilization of capacity and maximise revenue inclusing sales, marketing & operation services. 

Our database consisting of travel agents, consolidators, corporates, export house, shippers, cargo agents, etc. will be able to conduct business in a professional manner. 

CitiAir is capable of assisting airline partners with Government liaison functions with relevant Airport Authorities, Security authorities, Flight Controlling Centres, Civil Aviation authorities, Catering companies, Fuel Companies etc.

Our Expertise

Market feasibility studies

Product analysis and statistics

Sales calls, product presentations, Sales Support

 All aspects of reservations and ticketing and call center services

Sales & Operations functions related to Air Cargo & Freighters

PR & Marketing functions including innovative techniques

Government Liaison and approvals

Administration functions

Setting up Airline Operations

Airport handling and operations

Accounts related functions such as capping, BSP Reconciliation, tax, and fare audits.

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